10 Sustainable Items For Your House

“Every piece of plastic ever made still exists in the world.”

Let that sink in. It is no exaggeration to say that consumption of plastic has gone out of control. You may consider small steps futile and now enough to bring about a significant reduction in plastic consumption. So consider this, one has to start at some point. Why not now? Sure, individual impact may be low but collective impact can be huge.

In this article, we are bringing you 12 items that you can introduce into your lifestyle and become more sustainable.

1. Cloth Napkins will help you cut on the waste generate due to paper napkins.

2. Cloth Bags are great for recurring shopping trips. They help you reduce the consumption of plastic and protect the environment.

3. Toys are a great way to inculcate the habit of resorting to sustainable products among kids.

4. Clocks have a sentimental value. So why not make it extra special by adding environmental value also?

5. Trays may be used to serve guests or kept on the side table to keep your belongings in one place. Add a tinge of colour and tradition with papier mache trays or white mop trays.

6. Drinking Glasses are traditionally known to be made of glass. But do you know, they can be really cool too?

7. Boxes can be our secret keeper, a vault of cherished memories or simply a place to store our collectibles. Get a new one made of walnut wood or papier mache and make it even more special.

8. Make your surroundings more ambient with lamps made of coconut fibre or cane. They certainly have their own charm.

9. Handmade paper products make for a great step towards sustainability. From handmade paper boxes to carry bags, they are a really great decorative product.

10. Home furnishing items such as table mats, photo frames add aesthetics to a place. They bring a place to life and give a glimpse of people’s culture and lifestyle. This could just be the stamp on your sustainable lifestyle.

We hope we have been able to show you the items which can be replaced in order to make your lifestyle more sustainable, responsible and aesthetically pleasing.



With our “Lal10” we hope to bring light into the lives of artisans across the country.

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With our “Lal10” we hope to bring light into the lives of artisans across the country.